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Transparent access to public information is the cornerstone of democracy. And managing the diversity, complexity, age, and volume of public records is a big and important responsibility for government officials. As part of their sworn oath, elected and appointed officials are the guardians and champions of the critical records that chronicle history and ensure a transparent, democratic society, while supporting millions of business transactions and citizens’ life events.

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Empowering Government Leaders to be Guardians and Champions of Public Records

Kofile partners with public leaders and their staff to deliver on their comprehensive and specific Critical Records Management needs – from restoration and preservation to digital imaging and indexing to digital access and retrieval solutions. Experienced Kofile experts assess the unique requirements and create a structured treatment, management, and care plan. Kofile’s solutions account for some records needing more intense treatment – restoration, preservation, imaging, and indexing – to be ready for online access, while others may only require minimal care to protect and make them available to the public.

Kofile’s Critical Records Management Solutions

Using the Right Mix of Precision Tools, Proprietary Materials, and Quality Processes, We Treat Each Public Record Like Our Own

  • Artisan conservators meticulously restore and preserve documents.
  • Patented Disaster-Safe Binders protect documents from fire, floods, and the elements.
  • Technical professionals digitize and index records using advanced technology.
  • Software tools ensure controlled public records access and retrieval for your staff and constituents.

Combined, Kofile ensures irreplaceable records are available for current and future generations, empowering government leaders to serve their constituents while leaving their mark on history.


“We have a front row seat to the life cycles of critical records. It’s really incredible when leaders see the full scope of records management and the complexity of the entire process.”

Chris Marotti
Senior Vice President of Brand & Experience at Kofile

Critical Records Restoration, Preservation, and Protection

Government leaders take a sworn oath to protect irreplaceable historical and public records under their watch. But many records have deteriorated from weather events, poor storage, or wear and tear. Bringing them back to life requires proven conservation techniques, meticulous processes, and proprietary materials.

Kofile is the recognized leader in transforming records into well-preserved, protected historical artifacts that create community pride and practical access to important public records.

Protection from water and fire damage using patented custom lay-flat envelopes and Disaster-Safe Binders

Detailed assessment of each record to create a treatment, management, and care plan to preserve and protect it

Expertly trained conservators and technicians care for documents like their own, using extreme rigor in every step


“The books that Kofile preserved for us are now guaranteed to last at least 300 more years. Documents like these are truly priceless, and it’s so important to ensure that they don’t fade away.”

Jerry Pettit
County Auditor for Kittitas County, WA

Digital Capture With Document and Image Enhancement

Citizens and businesses expect records to be available online and one-click away with 24/7/365 access. Many leaders’ first reaction is to scan records using an imaging service or in-house staff. Because many records have limited legibility and compromised images, it’s not enough.

Kofile takes a holistic approach to digitizing and bringing vital, legal, property, and historical records online, focusing on quality for legible, accessible records. Some documents need restoration and preservation work prior to imaging. Others require digital enhancement. We certify the image quality of every document through strict quality control processes, ensuring leaders can confidently bring their records online.

Increase legibility beyond the original record with advanced image or document enhancement technology

Strict quality control processes certifying the image quality and integrity of documents

Compatible with existing technology and customizable to the requirements of government organizations and their leaders


“When these books were originally scanned in the 1990s, the technology was not as advanced as it is today. Because of this, the quality of current images online is very poor, sometimes unreadable. We’ve secured a grant for an improvement project being handled by Kofile. Kofile has taken on preserving these books and providing clear digital images of each page within the books.”

Dan McPhillips
Bucks County, PA Recorder of Deeds

Records Indexing, Management, and Retrieval Readiness

Indexing enables the rapid retrieval of records for constituents and staff. But not only do records come in a variety of formats, every jurisdiction has its own standards and requirements. The consequences of improper records indexing is a growing problem resulting in wasted staff resources, lost legal records, or family members missing birth or death certificates during important life events. Compounding the challenge, Indexing is not simply data entry. And government records indexing expertise and records knowledge is quickly disappearing as government staff retires.

Kofile’s indexing professionals have an average of 20+ years of expertise working with diverse, large volumes of records to enable accurate, legible,  rapid search, and retrieval for staff and constituents.

Trusted solution with expertise in translating handwritten, cursive, typescript, and modern digital records

The highest level of indexing accuracy for records search and retrieval using a double-blind quality assurance process

Detailed, refined process for indexing and organizing records that’s compatible with existing file types, formats, and records management software


“Before the growth of our county really took off, we had about 100 books for a 30-year period. Now we have about 100 books every two months, so we had a strong need to index so our staff and constituents can quickly find what they’re looking for and save everyone a lot of time.”

Jennifer Jordan
Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts for Pickens County, GA

Digital Access and Retrieval of Public Records

The safety and security of public records is a top priority for elected and appointed officials. And so is the need to enable anytime, anywhere records search, retrieval, and access.

Kofile’s search and retrieval solution provides controlled access for both your staff and constituents. Powered by world-class cloud-based software, Kofile mitigates the impact of cyberattacks while meeting the unique redundant search, retrieval, and access requirements for local, county, and state governments.

Better serve constituents with expanded, redundant online access to historical documents and public records

Reduce records retrieval time to seconds with an intuitive search and access user interface

Mitigate outages by providing records access redundancy and business continuity


I received a copy request for a marriage license from 1956. It was such a pleasure to do a marriage license search from so far back using the Kofile program. Searching the index led me to the book and page, which was such an amazing experience in itself. The time in which it took for me to search was cut in half. The process for the search was really simple and easy. The copy from the Kofile program was very clear compared to the one I pulled from the actual film. I must say, I was very impressed with the entire program.

Lucy Mitchell
Manager, Official Records, Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Public Officials’ Guide to Critical Records Management

Democracy depends on transparency and access to public information. But for government leaders, being the guardian of records is increasingly difficult. To fulfill their legal and moral obligations, public officials are taking a smarter, more proactive approach to addressing public records – Critical Records Management.

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