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The complexity of records management is challenging for elected and appointed officials as guardians and champions of critical records—partner with Kofile for a proven, comprehensive Critical Records Management approach trusted by over 3,000 government agencies.

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What We Do

Critical Records Management Solutions Empowering Government Leaders as Guardians and Champions of Records

Kofile partners with public leaders and their staff to deliver on their comprehensive and tailored Critical Records Management needs through preservation, digitization, and access solutions. Experienced Kofile experts understand the unique requirements of every record and collaborate with officials to co-create a structured treatment, management, and care plan that prioritizes urgent needs and addresses longer-term initiatives.

How We Do It

The Kofile Way is Our Proven Approach to Delivering Quality and Peace of Mind

How we do things is just as important as what we do. Government leaders entrust us to care for their irreplaceable critical records, and we take that responsibility seriously. The Kofile Way is our unwavering commitment to care for every record like our own and deliver the highest quality Critical Records Management results using our proven approach.


“We have a front row seat to history and the life cycles of critical records. It’s incredible when leaders visit our facilities and see the full scope of records management services required and the attention to detail and complexity that goes into the entire process to protect these irreplaceable records for future generations.”

Chris Marotti
SVP, Brand and Experience at Kofile

Preservation Solutions

Safeguard Community History

Government leaders take a sworn oath to protect irreplaceable historical and active records under their watch. However, many records have deteriorated from age, weather events, poor storage, or wear and tear. Bringing them back to life requires decades of expertise, proven conservation techniques, specialized equipment, and rigorous processes.

Kofile is a recognized leader in transforming records into protected historical artifacts that create community pride and enable constituent access for current and future generations.

Preparation & Stabilization

Records stabilization and preparation to stop the aging process and ready documents for restoration and preservation

Restoration & Repair

Restoration and repair by highly-skilled artisans using a combination of conservation techniques, patented tools, materials, and processes from decades of experience

Protection & Storage

Protection and storage to safeguard records from water, fire, and mold for hundreds of years in patented lay-flat sleeves and Disaster-Safe Binders


“When Kofile delivered the first book, we had a little arrival ceremony that had a lot of positive reaction on social media. In fact, people were so impressed, a few citizens pooled their money to contribute to our efforts to preserve more books, so in the cover of one of the next books we dedicated that book to the citizens of Pickens.”

Jennifer Jordan
Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts for Pickens County, GA

Digitization Solutions

Deliver Clear and Accurate Online Images

Citizens and businesses expect records to be available online and one click away with 24/7/365 access. Many leaders’ first reaction to digitization is to scan records using an imaging service or in-house staff.  But that’s not enough because many records have limited legibility and compromised images.

Kofile’s comprehensive approach to digitizing and bringing records online addresses the entire document lifecycle to produce pixel-perfect images. Some documents need preservation before imaging, and most require digital enhancement to improve quality. Every image undergoes an accuracy and quality certification process, ensuring leaders can confidently bring their records online.

Digital Capture

Digital capture using cutting-edge scanning technology and comprehensive quality control measures to produce premium digital images

Image Enhancement

Image enhancement to improve the clarity and legibility of digital images beyond the original record using proprietary software

Accuracy Verification

Accuracy verification using a multi-tier process that certifies the quality and capture of every digital image


“When these books were originally scanned in the 1990s, the technology was not as advanced as it is today. Because of this, the quality of current images online is very poor, sometimes unreadable. We’ve secured a grant for an improvement project being handled by Kofile. Kofile has taken on preserving these books and providing clear digital images of each page within the books.”

Dan McPhillips
Recorder of Deeds of Bucks County, PA

Access Solutions

Provide Transparent, Controlled Access

Democracy relies on transparent access to public information. It starts with records indexing and archiving to enable rapid search and retrieval of records by staff and constituents. But there are many layers of complexity when it comes to accurate indexing. And bringing records online comes with the threat of cyberattacks.

Kofile’s Access Solutions provides government officials with indexing experts who have 20+ years of expertise working with diverse records. QuickLink, our web-enabled software provides anytime, anywhere controlled access for constituents and staff.

File Conversion & Format

File conversions and format compatible with existing platforms, file formatting, naming conventions, and other unique requirements for rapid search and retrieval

Indexing & Archiving

Indexing and archiving with highly-trained experts providing consistent, accurate daily or historical indexes according to best practices and tailored to each agency’s requirements

24/7 Online Access

24/7 online access with QuickLink, our user-friendly web-enabled software for constituents and staff to browse, search, and retrieve records.


“Instead of having to load that microfilm, dig through, and scroll, our staff can just pull up an index from Kofile and click on a name and the information is available in a matter of minutes. The process of retrieving a record before the Kofile project probably took 30 minutes to an hour if someone knew the names and dates of what they were looking for, but it could be several hours if they couldn’t specify details that are pertinent to a search.”

Cindy Stuart
Hillsborough County, FL, Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Public Officials’ Guide to Critical Records Management

Democracy depends on transparency and access to public information. But for government leaders, being the guardian of records is increasingly difficult. To fulfill their legal and moral obligations, public officials are taking a smarter, more proactive approach to addressing public records – Critical Records Management.

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