Critical Records Management Solutions and Services Overview

In today’s digital world, citizens, businesses, and staff expect records to be available online, 24/7, and one-click away. However, outdated processes, technology, gaps, or indexing errors can lead to a frustrated attorney making an hours-long in-person visit to the courthouse to access records for an upcoming case. And with increasingly devastating natural and artificial disasters, no government official wants to be left without a business continuity plan. In this solutions overview, learn how government leaders can confidently provide controlled and transparent access to critical records online.

Provide Access to Records


“We’re working with Kofile on building a digital repository collection on our website so people can access history from home. Instead of people coming into the office or searching book-by-book, we want to make a repository collection online and index it by events in history. It’s not something that can be done using just Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology alone. It requires the expertise that Kofile has to be able to precisely index the records across so many things that have happened in our history.”

Lucy Adame-Clark
County Clerk, Bexar County, TX

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