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Confidently Bring Critical Records Online With Kofile’s Digitization Solutions

Cutting-edge technology, image enhancement, and comprehensive quality control produce premium images for local, county, and state government agencies

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Bring Critical Public Records Online With Premium Records Digitization Solutions and Services

Digital Capture
Image Enhancement
Accuracy Verification

The world is undeniably digital, but obtaining a record to complete a business transaction may still be an hours-long in-person process. Our digitization solution and services enable government officials to confidently bring records online through skilled technicians and cutting-edge scanners, proprietary image enhancement software to improve clarity and legibility, and comprehensive quality control to certify accuracy.

The Value of Kofile’s Digitization Solutions

In today's digital world, citizens and businesses expect critical public records available online to be clear, legible, and accurate. Invest in high-quality premium digital images suitable for online access and meet constituent expectations.

The growing threat of destructive weather events and cyberattacks puts your vulnerable records at risk. Digitize your irreplaceable documents to ensure you have a backup and can provide staff, constituents, and businesses with access when unexpected disasters happen.

Vulnerable paper and microfilm records continue to age and often deteriorate to the touch. Protect original records through digitization to enable transparent public access while keeping the originals safe.

Digital Capture

Before digital capture, technicians match records to the appropriate staff and equipment, and prepare each document for scanning by removing staples or clips, mending tears, preventing obstructions, and placing separators between pages. Trained technicians use the latest technology to scan each paper or microfilm record, reviewing every image in real-time to obtain the highest quality.

  • Comprehensive quality control, document preparation processes, and the latest technology deliver pixel-perfect images
  • Skilled technicians scan each record, reviewing every image
and rescanning when necessary
  • Cutting-edge Opex and 60” scanners accommodate all sizes
and conditions of records

Image Enhancement

Improve the clarity and legibility of digital images using proprietary software that enhances its quality beyond the original record. Trained technicians perform zonal enhancements on each record to prevent text droppage, bring out lighter areas, despeckle unwanted lines and dark spots, and improve the quality of stamps, seals, and signatures.

  • Skilled technicians review each image and apply proprietary software algorithms to improve its clarity and legibility
  • Image enhancement is included in all digitization projects to deliver premium images
  • Comprehensive quality control procedures ensure digital images meet expectations

Accuracy Verification

Kofile certifies the accuracy and quality of every digital image using a multi-tier, comprehensive quality control process. We fully guarantee our work through our Standard Warranty to perform work in a manner consistent with or greater than industry standards require and will correct any errors or unsatisfactory work, free of charge. This warranty extends for 90 business days after project completion.

  • Technicians review the quality of every image in real-time and compare it to the original to ensure accuracy
  • Kofile is the industry leader in applying a double-blind key process to achieve the highest level of indexing and archiving accuracy 
  • Comprehensive, multi-tier quality control measures certify the accuracy and capture of every image


“Kofile’s product is outstanding. We’ve taken Kofile’s images and compared them to some of the digitization projects done previously and they are remarkably improved. I have some staff members who’ve been here for 15-20 years, and they’ve been through the digitization process numerous times and they comment that Kofile’s images are a significant improvement over what we’ve had in the past.”

Cindy Stuart
Hillsborough County, FL, Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Digitization Solutions Overview

Confidently bring historical and active records online to provide transparent access and meet constituent expectations. Learn more about Kofile’s defined and comprehensive digitization solutions and services that produce pixel-perfect digital images.

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