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Modernize Government With Kofile’s Critical Records Access Solutions

Expert indexing, archiving, and 24/7 controlled digital access enable rapid search and retrieval for local, county, and state government agencies.

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Better Serve Constituents and Staff With Kofile’s Access Solutions

File Conversion & Format
Indexing & Archiving
24/7 Online Access

In today’s digital world, staff, citizens, and businesses need and expect critical records to be available online and one click away with 24/7/365 access. However, outdated processes, technology gaps, and indexing errors can lead to an hours-long in-person visit to access records or wasted staff resources. Our Access Solutions enable government officials to provide rapid online search and retrieval while balancing security requirements through expert indexing and archiving technicians and user-friendly, web-enabled, controlled access.

The Value of Kofile’s Access Solutions

Citizens and businesses expect critical public records to be available online and one click away with 24/7/365 access. Meet their expectations by providing transparent, controlled QuickLink access and easy self-service for constituents and staff to search and retrieve records from anywhere, at anytime.

Your staff spends hours a day scrolling through microfilm, climbing ladders, or flipping through vulnerable books to retrieve records for constituents and businesses. Save your staff’s time and resources by enabling online access for rapid search and retrieval.
The growing threat of destructive weather events, cybercriminals, fraud, and ransomware put your vulnerable records at risk. Ensure you have a backup of irreplaceable records and can provide transparent, controlled access to constituents and business if unexpected disasters occur.

File Conversion & Format

Each government agency has unique indexing requirements, naming conventions, file formats, and platforms. Our technicians provide expert consultations on industry best practices, assist with code errors, and deliver completed indexes compatible with agency requirements to enable rapid search and retrieval.

  • Expertise, technology, processes, and comprehensive quality control to deliver accurate indexes compatible with existing recording systems
  • Experts provide best practices, code error assistance, and review each agency’s  requirements for optimal search and retrieval 
  • Compatible file formats, naming conventions, resolution level, color depth, and delivery systems for a seamless customer experience

Indexing & Archiving

Enable staff and citizens to rapidly search and retrieve records through accurate daily or historical indexing and archiving. Our indexing experts have an average tenure of 20 years working with diverse record types and apply a double-blind key process to verify the accuracy and quality of indexes.

  • Experienced experts working with diverse record types, cursive handwritten records, hand-drawn diagrams, and typescripts 
  • Consistent indexing following best practices and tailored to each agency’s unique requirements for a seamless experience
  • The industry leader in applying a double-blind key process to achieve the highest level of indexing and archiving accuracy

24/7 Online Access

Provide staff and constituents with 24/7 anytime, anywhere access and ensure business continuity to critical records with QuickLink, our user-friendly, web-enabled software.

  • QuickLink’s intuitive software interface that requires no training or IT involvement to provide self-service 24/7 remote access
  • Staff and constituents can browse, search, and access critical records easily and quickly online
  • Controlled access capabilities to manage information to prevent fraud, distortion, or theft of critical records


“Instead of having to load that microfilm, dig through, and scroll, our staff can just pull up an index from Kofile and click on a name and the information is available in a matter of minutes. The process of retrieving a record before the Kofile project probably took 30 minutes to an hour if someone knew the names and dates of what they were looking for, but it could be several hours if they couldn’t specify details that are pertinent to a search.”

Cindy Stuart
Hillsborough County, FL, Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Access Solutions Overview

Confidently bring records online through accurate indexing and archiving and transparent, controlled access. Learn more about Kofile’s defined and comprehensive access solutions and services that enable rapid search and retrieval.

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