The Kofile Way

Government leaders entrust us with their irreplaceable critical records. And we take the responsibility seriously. The Kofile Way is our unwavering commitment to delivering quality that lasts hundreds of years and the peace of mind that we treat and safeguard every record as our own.

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Our Proven Approach to Delivering Quality and Peace of Mind

Kofile has partnered with over 3,000 government agencies and their leaders to protect the critical records representing our nation’s history and people’s legacies. Preserving, digitizing, and providing public access to records drives everything we do. But how we do things is just as important as what we do. The Kofile Way is a comprehensive, consistent, care-driven approach—from pick-up to production to drop-off—to produce pixel-perfect images, precision indexes, and protected records lasting multiple generations.


“I love the precision work we do every day to ultimately make history and information available to everyone. It shapes our future and captures our past. Every person at the company knows the importance of their role in taking care
of these records, and we work every day to perfect our processes and bring in the right technology to care for them and ensure it’s done right the first time.”

Michael Ward
Kofile Director of Operations

Our People & Expertise

We’re a diverse, passionate, and empowered team of history buffs, craftworkers, change agents, and skilled technicians with decades of experience partnering with government agencies, navigating large-scale programs, and advocating for and supporting leaders in every craft and stage of Critical Records Management.

Every person interacting with critical records—from the drivers, sales team, conservators, digital technicians, and project managers—plays a vital role in our shared commitment to the quality and safety of your documents across every link in the value chain.

Consultative Field Teams

Our field teams are Critical Records Management experts, helping government leaders navigate the complexities of funding, approvals, and diverse records requirements

Unmatched Craftspeople and Certified Technicians

Experienced craftspeople and skilled technicians consider every detail and treat each record like their own to give leaders the peace of mind that their documents are cared for and protected

Dedicated Project Teams

Accountable project teams digitally track the progress of every project and can provide government leaders and their staff with prompt access to any record during treatment


“When I visited Kofile’s headquarters, the sheer volume of books they could accommodate was impressive, but the most intriguing part was the restoration process and how they were taking things that had been either laminated or were of poor quality and restoring them to a level that I had never seen before. It was incredible to be up close and watching people delicately and cautiously restore documents.”

Cindy Stuart
Hillsborough County, FL, Clerk of Court

Our Resources & Technology

We continuously invest in bringing together the most advanced and specialized equipment, best-in-class lab and production facilities, and proprietary software to address government leaders’ growing and diverse Critical Records Management needs.

From high-end conservation equipment to cutting-edge Opex and 60” scanners, Kofile accommodates all record sizes and conditions. Kofile invented and is the sole provider of many of the tools, techniques, and equipment used today in the preservation, digitization, and public access of historical and active records to produce the highest quality results.

Advanced Specialized Equipment

Our investments in cutting-edge and specialized equipment ensure every record receives the appropriate care and treatment to meet its diverse requirements to deliver the highest quality results

Best-In-Class Facilities

Dedicated laboratories and production sites nationwide support all geographic regions, diverse records requirements, and scale to support a high volume of Critical Records Management projects

Real-Time Tracking Software

Real-time, customizable, and scalable tracking software handles any size project and provides project managers with visibility into the status and location of every record in our care


“The work that Kofile does is second to none. I’d much rather save my money and know that I will get the highest quality product that will be around for generations to come versus going with anyone else to try and get things scanned quickly. It makes more sense to me to save my money so I can get a quality product even if we have to wait a few months or years to get what we need because I know that once the work is done, it will be done at a level not met by any other company.”

Laura Hinojosa
Hidalgo County, TX, District Clerk

Our Processes & Protocols

Our processes and protocols ensure project accuracy, quality, and record safety. They begin when we visit a government office for a records wellness evaluation and end when they are safely back in the hands of leaders and their staff.

When leaders entrust us with their irreplaceable records, we include comprehensive project management and maintain strict chain of custody protocols, ensuring we’re always accountable for every record. All records undergo rigorous QA and QC to meet government leaders’ and constituents’ high standards and expectations.

Strict Chain of Custody

Every record is immediately bar-coded during intake, and our strict chain of custody protocols ensure we’re accountable for the safety and security of every record from pick-up to delivery

Rigorous Quality Assurance

All records undergo rigorous quality assurance processes and multi-tier certification at every step to meet industry-leading accuracy and quality standards at no extra cost

Comprehensive Project Management

Dedicated teams and real-time software ensure every project meets milestones, follows rigorous quality control protocols, and returns safely to government officials and their staff


“When these books were originally scanned in the 1990s, the technology was not as advanced as it is today. Because of this, the quality of current images online is very poor, sometimes unreadable. We’ve secured a grant for an improvement project being handled by Kofile. Kofile has taken on preserving these books and providing clear digital images of each page within the books.”

Dan McPhillips
Recorder of Deeds of Bucks County, PA

Public Officials’ Guide to Critical Records Management

Democracy depends on transparency and access to public information. But for government leaders, being the guardian of records is increasingly difficult. To fulfill their legal and moral obligations, public officials are taking a smarter, more proactive approach to addressing public records – Critical Records Management.

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