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About Kofile

Kofile is a leader in Critical Records Management designed for local, county, and state governments. Our commitment to preserving, digitizing, and providing transparent access to history and records drives everything we do. Trusted by over 3,000 government organizations and officials earned from decades of service and innovation, we apply the right mix of expertise, technology, and processes to empower government leaders to serve their communities better.

The Kofile Way

At Kofile, how we do things is just as important as what we do. The Kofile Way is our unwavering promise to deliver the highest quality Critical Records Management results for every project by combining passion and expertise, resources and technology, and processes and protocols. It’s a comprehensive, consistent, care-driven approach that considers every detail—from pick-up to production to drop-off—of delivering quality that lasts hundreds of years and the peace of mind that we treat and safeguard every record as our own.

Who We Are

We’re a diverse, passionate, and empowered team of history buffs, craftworkers, change agents, and expert technicians with decades of experience partnering with government agencies and their staff. We’re on a mission to empower government leaders to preserve history and modernize government through expertise, innovation, and proven Critical Records Management solutions. 

The unmatched passion and expertise of Kofilers mean taking care of teammates who work tirelessly to support our shared mission is a top priority for our government partners and us. Each teammate receives industry-leading benefits, career training, advancement opportunities, and an environment that’s supportive, collaborative, and inclusive.


“From Day 1, we welcome our technicians with an orientation designed to wrap new hires in our culture and upskill them in areas essential to our business. They learn the artisan handwork of restoring historical documents and the detailed technical aspects of imaging, indexing, or enhancing these documents. Training involves on-the-job modular learning and e-learning with workshop development and cross-training in multiple labs. As skills and processes are mastered, we have a structured growth plan for every teammate. By preserving history and modernizing documents for the future, we power not only a modern government but a thoroughly modern workplace that equips our teammates with the tools and resources to thrive.”

Chris Marotti
SVP, Brand and Experience at Kofile

Values that matter to us

How we do things is just as important as what we do.
These are some of the values we live and work by at Kofile.


Open and honest conversations about our wins and losses


Think ahead and be empowered to make your own decisions


Value every teammate and treat people with dignity and professionalism


Be responsible for your own actions, decisions, and outcomes


Bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you


Win, learn, and have fun as a team


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Kofile Backgrounder

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