Critical Records Management Solutions for Governments

Confidently tackle your diverse critical records requirements using a comprehensive, proven approach trusted by over 3,000 government organizations and their leaders to manage, protect, and ensure access.

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Records Management Challenges Facing Government Leaders

Preserving, digitizing, and providing transparent access to public records is an essential responsibility for elected and appointed government leaders. But taking on the role of guardian and champion of records is increasingly difficult.

Today’s world is undeniably digital. And many guardians struggle to keep up with legal mandates and constituent expectations for 24/7/365 secure records access. There are challenges across multiple fronts: aging documents, increasing natural disasters and destructive events, limited storage, outdated technology, and siloed records solutions.

Government officials need a comprehensive plan to safeguard their records, ensure business continuity, and provide public access to meet their legal and moral obligations.

Critical Records Management Solutions

Kofile empowers government leaders to confidently navigate the complexities of records management with a proven, comprehensive approach and tailored solutions that address every craft and stage of the document lifecycle. We treat every record like our own and equip leaders to be guardians and champions of history, fulfill their oath of office, and modernize government services for constituents.

Preservation Solutions

Preparation & Stabilization
Restoration & Repair
Protection & Storage

Protect history and build community pride with Kofile’s proven records preservation processes, highly skilled artisans, and the right mix of old and new-world techniques.

Digitization Solutions

Digital Capture
Image Enhancement
Accuracy Verification

Confidently bring public records online using cutting-edge scanning technology, image enhancement capabilities, and comprehensive quality control to produce premium digital images.

Access Solutions

File Conversion & Format
Indexing & Archiving
24/7 Online Access

Provide transparent public access to critical records that better serve constituents and staff with rapid search, retrieval, and controlled digital access.

Creating Better, More Efficient Ways to Serve Constituents and Staff

Cindy Stuart had the unique experience of coming into office during the COVID-19 pandemic. That challenge inspired her to partner with Kofile for one of her first initiatives: improving online resources that are accessible anywhere.

  • Ms. Stuart digitized, indexed, and brought microfilm records
online to provide greater public access
  • Kofile’s high-quality digital images are more precise
and readable than older images
  • Providing online access reduced wait times for records
from hours to minutes


“Kofile’s product is outstanding. We’ve taken Kofile’s images and compared them to some of the digitization projects done previously, and they are remarkably improved. I have some staff members who’ve been here for 15-20 years, and they’ve been through the digitization process numerous times, and they comment that Kofile’s images are a significant improvement over what we’ve had in the past.”

Cindy Stuart
Hillsborough County, FL, Clerk of Court and Comptroller

The Critical Records Management guide that every public official needs

Learn how U.S. government organizations and their officials are adopting a Critical Records Management strategy to modernize their approach to managing, safeguarding, and providing access to public records.

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