Critical Records Management Insights, Guides, and Case Studies

Access top-rate resources for government officials to guard and champion public records.

Public Official’s Guide to Developing a Critical Records Management Strategy

Democracy depends on transparency and access to public information. For government leaders, being the guardian of records is both an opportunity and challenge. In this guide, learn how elected and appointed officials are applying Critical Records Management – a more strategic approach to managing, maintaining and safeguarding public records in their care.

Guides, Playbooks, and Articles

10-minute read

AB-1466 Playbook for California Government Leaders

Learn how to address the complexities of California’s AB-1466 restrictive covenants legislation

10-minute read

County Officials’ Guide to Securing ARPA Funds

Step-by-step guide on how to secure federal ARPA funds for your Critical Records Management project

10-minute read

Public Official’s Guide to Developing A Critical Records Management Strategy

Discover a modern approach to managing, safeguarding, and providing digital access to public records

Kofile Case Studies: Public Leaders’ Stories

5-minute read

Kittitas County, WA Case Study

Learn about auditor Jerry Pettit’s initiative to preserve and protect his county’s original plats and maps that represent the legacy of his constituents and community

5-minute read

Pickens County, GA Case Study

Read how clerk Jennifer Jordan saved her community’s legacy by permanently and digitally restoring, preserving, and protecting deeds damaged from fire

5-minute read

Modoc County, CA Case Study

Learn how Assessor-Recorder Kristin DePaul created greater efficiency and access of records through digitization, while protecting them from extreme weather events

Kofile Solutions Overviews

5-minute read

Kofile: A Company Overview

Get the scoop on Kofile, the company mission and values, and how our team works with government leaders and organizations

5-minute read

How Public Leaders are Modernizing Government as Champions and Guardians of Public Records

Learn how public leaders are serving their constituents as guardians and champions of critical records

10-minute read

Digital Records Capture and Document Enhancement Solutions Overview

Explore how to efficiently bring legible records online for your constituents

12-minute read

Critical Records Reservation, Preservation, and Protection Solutions Overview

Dive deeper into how to preserve, restore and protect irreplaceable historical and public records

12-minute read

Critical Records Indexing, Archiving, and Management Solutions Overview

Find out how to tap into Kofile’s indexing expertise and talent for managing diverse public records

12-minute read

Public Records Digital Access and Retrieval Solutions Overview

Identify solutions to provide frictionless access to public records

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