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Watch How Dallas County, TX is Preserving its Past and Embracing a Digital Future 

County Clerk John Warren, as a custodian of records and history, shares Dallas County’s mission to preserve and learn from its past by bringing its records online.


Bexar County, TX Modernizes Government Services through Public Records

County Clerk Lucy Adame-Clark shares how she and her team use records preservation, mobile services, and digital access to make government work for her community.

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The Unexpected Impact of the Restoration and Digitization of County Maps

Making space for the election process led to a surprising historical discovery and greater office efficiency for Kittitas County, WA. 

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Modoc County’s Plan to Protect Critical Records from Natural and Unexpected Disasters

Assessor-Recorder Kristen DePaul outlines how Modoc County went from no public records backups to a protected, digitized records inventory for current and future generations.

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How Pickens County, GA, Uses Federal Funding for Records Preservation and Indexing

Learn how Jennifer Jordan ran for election on the promise of restoring damaged documents and providing citizens with digital access to critical deed records.

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Bucks County, PA, Provides Public Transparency Through Access to Historical Records

Dan McPhillips, Registrar of Deeds, shares his county’s digitization journey and why quality imaging for records matters.


How Ector County, TX, Used Kofile’s Technology and Expertise to Restore Historical Records

District Clerk Stacy Fawcett explains how she partnered with Kofile to bring life back to irreplaceable historical records using advanced technology.


How Natick’s Town Clerk Showcases the Value of Restored and Digitized Historical Records 

Discover how the town of Natick, MA, meets Its mandate to keep paper records – including the Declaration of Independence – while digitizing historical, birth, and marriage records dating back hundreds of years.


The City of Philadelphia Brings its Massive Archives Online to Showcase the People’s History 

Crumbling documents and the smell of vinegar from decaying microfilm are just a few of the challenges Tracy Gordon, Register of Wills, faces to preserve the “people’s history”. Check out her mission.


Kofile Bringing Life Back to Potter County

They brought life back to a book where the pages were smashed together. You could have never thought that could be repaired. Kofile produced video.

Case Study

How Hillsborough County Brings Greater Access and Transparency to Critical Public Records

The volume of records handled by Kofile and the quality of the restoration process of previously unrecognizable documents impressed Ms. Stuart and encouraged her to partner with Kofile.

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