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Safeguard Your Community’s History and Legacy With Kofile’s Critical Records Preservation Solutions

Proven expertise, techniques, and processes for preserving historical and active records for local, county, and state government agencies

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Protect History and Build Community Pride With Proven Records Preservation Solutions and Services

Preparation & Stabilization
Restoration & Repair
Protection & Storage

Billions of records exist in various paper sizes and types, thicknesses, ages, fragility, and conditions. Our preservation solutions and services address the unique requirements of every document to create a defined treatment and care plan that stops the aging process, brings the record back to life, and protects it from water, fire, and mold for hundreds of years.

The Value of Kofile’s Preservation Solutions

Rest easy that your vulnerable original records are protected from increasingly destructive weather events or contaminants. While insurance can pay for building repairs and computers, they can’t bring back destroyed critical records.

Original public records must be available to constituents who require access, even if the pages deteriorate to the touch. Fulfill your oath while protecting vulnerable documents by preserving records.
Critical records chronicle your community’s history. Leave a lasting legacy for your community that builds pride and ensures access to irreplaceable records for current and future generations.

Preparation & Stabilization

Before preserving records, they require proper stabilization using specialized solutions to stop the aging process and prevent further deterioration. Conservators carefully apply deacidification solutions and dismantle record books to stabilize vulnerable records.

  • Preparation includes dismantling books, surface cleaning, removing fasteners, and prior repairs
  • Deacidification using a commercially-prepared non-flammable, non-toxic solution
  • Exclusive provider of photostat stabilization using a custom apparatus and sealant

Restoration & Preservation

Every record receives a combination of art and science to bring it back to life and address its unique restoration and preservation requirements. Highly-skilled artisans meticulously stabilize, mend, flatten, and restore documents to their original state.

  • Conservators have decades of experience caring for diverse record types and conditions
  • Specialized tools, solvents, and materials seamlessly integrate with original documents
  • Recognized national leader and complies with the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) Code of Ethics and Guidelines

Protection & Storage

Safeguard records and historical documents from water, fire, and mold in patented lay-flat sleeves and Disaster-Safe Binders (DSBs). Cabinets and storage solutions are also available to protect records and provide easy organization and access.

  • Patented lay-flat sleeves accommodate any size of documents
  • Patented Disaster-Safe Binders act as mini-vaults to protect records from the air, water, fire, mold, or other contaminants for hundreds of years
  • Customizable binders can be title stamped to leave a permanent mark on history


“I’ve been in a business partner relationship with Kofile since 2014. We’re preserving all of our historical records and have more than 11,000 books that Kofile is preserving. If you look at it from a document perspective, it’s over seven million documents that Kofile is preserving. And if you look at it on an individual page basis, that is over 1.5 billion records. It’s necessary to do this because these are public records, and we must make them available to the public.”

John Warren
County Clerk, Dallas County, TX

Preservation Solutions Overview

Safeguard your community’s history and legacy to fulfill your oath and leave a permanent mark. Learn more about Kofile’s defined and comprehensive preservation solutions and services to address the unique requirements of your critical records.

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