Critical Records Preservation Solutions and Services Overview

In every public record are irreplaceable stories of citizens and communities. And, accurate, legible, and complete records are essential when applied to everyday interactions with government organizations, In this solutions overview, learn how Kofile has earned the trust of 3,000+ county, local, and state governments to transform brittle, moldy, deteriorating records into well-preserved, protected historical artifacts.

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“I’ve been in a business partner relationship with Kofile since 2014. We’re preserving all of our historical records and have in excess of 11,000 books that Kofile is preserving. If you look at it from a document perspective, it’s over seven million documents that Kofile is preserving. And if you look at it on an individual page basis that is over 1.5 billion records. It’s necessary to do this because these are public records and we have to make those records available to the public.”

John Warren
County Clerk, Dallas County, TX

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