What Is Indexing?

Indexing is the process of creating a database of information allowing users to search for and find required documents. The fields used to create the index of information vary according to document types and customer requirements. Kofile works closely with customers to ensure that all customer requirements for fields and format are met.

“We enjoy working with the Kofile team. They communicate well, are responsive to our needs, and have a great understanding of our business.”

Deborah Clepper | County Recorder
Clermont County, OH

The Kofile Process

The Kofile indexing technology platforms are also available to our customers to do onsite imaging and indexing. Customers can either leverage our solutions for inhouse indexing or they can outsource their work to Kofile on either a batch or real-time basis. In either case, Kofile works closely with our customers to ensure that regardless of which direction they select – they will deliver the highest level of satisfaction to their users.

Kofile works with customers to create the customer driven rules.

Kofile uses a double-blind key process to achieve a high level of accuracy. Indexes are created by two separate operators.

Once complete, the information is compared and any discrepancies are resolved by a third operator.

This document indexing process creates a final index that exceeds 99.5% accuracy.

The Kofile Difference – Our People

The indexing staff at Kofile sets us apart in the market due to our specific knowledge of documents and requirements in the local government market. Our employees are the most experienced and with the longest tenure of any Digitization company in the industry

  • Our staff is exclusively focused on local government documents such as land records, vital records, and court records
  • Kofile is accustomed to the different requirements or each city/county/state
  • Kofile is experienced with the average operator having 15 years of experience in this field

Local governments throughout the country have been on tours of our facilities and met with our expert teams. Our quality, security and delivery are unparalleled. If you want to experience and learn all there is to know about the Digitization process, let us know and we would love to show you how it is done.

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