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Government’s potential to do good is largely measured by how quickly they respond to and accommodate citizen needs, online and off. We are committed to being exceptional partners with agencies nationwide as we work together to bridge the growing gap between the analog and digital ages.

A History of Innovation

Since 2009, Kofile and GovOS have grown with the mission to transform how people experience government.

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Designed to Solve Specific Government Challenges

Beyond the intake of information, GovOS Records provides specialized applications that are built on our history of experience working with the public sector. These products are custom designed to meet the stringent needs of certain tasks.

Dynamic Government In Action

What Are Online Government Services?

What Are Online Government Services?

What are online government services, and what features and components comprise these services? In this article, we examine how the online form is really just the tip of the iceberg for eSignatures, workflows, business process management, and so much more.

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