What Is Preservation?

Preservation is a process that preserves the integrity and content of paper documents and ensures they will be available for use forever. Non-archival materials used when documents were created, most paper will gradually deteriorate over time and content will be illegible and the paper will crumble. Preservation stabilizes the documents and allows for retention of permanent documents in perpetuity.

“As a Bexar County Clerk in office, coming into office in 2019, I am so proud to be a partnership but also to be a county that has the Kofile product.”

— Lucy Adame-Clark,
Bexar County Clerk, TX

Why Preserve Records?

Many documents held by local governments are both historical and permanent. Maintaining the integrity of these documents for generations to come is an important responsibility. As the largest provider of document preservation services in the country, our experienced staff have restored millions of documents.

Our preservation services provide a full range of restoration and preservation processes to restore the documents, and return the originals to the owner agency.

Once a project is completed, our clients can be assured that they have successfully preserved a piece of history for years to come.

“The Recorder of Deeds is dedicated to restoring the deed books and preserving the history of Bucks County landowners. To that end, office is having 700 of the oldest books treated and rebound by Kofile. We trust Kofile with these important records.”

Robin Robinson | Recorder of Deeds
Bucks County, PA

The Kofile Process

The Kofile process sets us apart in the market. Our process follows the standards set by the American Institute for Conservation Code of Ethics and Guidelines. The Kofile process includes the following steps:

  • Inspect and stabilize each document
  • Remove non-archival materials such as tape, glue, fasteners, and lamination
  • Mend tears and fill voids with 100% archival products
  • Deacidify all documents stabilizing the document to prevent further deterioration
  • House each document in patented custom lay-flat pockets
  • Store in Archival Recorder binders or Kofile’s patented Disaster Safe Binder

All projects are monitored by highly experienced Kofile staff from project inception to delivery.

Kofile Difference People & Experience

Kofile is the largest private preservation company boasting 5 preservation facilities strategically located across the United States. Kofile has a reputation for best in class processing centers preserving local government records in a secure environment. Kofile has never experienced a security breach or lost records in the lifecycle of preserving information.

The Kofile staff includes multiple certified conservators specifically trained in the art of restoration and preservation of documents. Our people are all trained and closely supervised in the Kofile’s archival processes. The average tenure of our lab technicians is over 15 years.

Kofile personnel has developed proprietary techniques for the treatment of tape removal, lamination removal, photostat treatment and storage for permanent documents.

Kofile currently works with 2,000+ local governments preserving their records for long-term retention. Our level of customer satisfaction clearly sets us apart from any competition and is the highest in the industry. 90% of our customers have been using our services across multiple years – a loyalty statistic that is unmatched.

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