What is Imaging?

Imaging is the process of converting a physical document to a digital document. While this seems fairly straightforward, Kofile has the experience in dealing with all types of documents in the local government space.

The method of information storage (loose-leaf books, case files, bound books, maps, plats) significantly impacts the ability to generate high quality digital records.  The size and shapes of documents (index cards to 36×36 plats) affect the process and equipment requirements to successfully image documents.  As do the conditions and age of documents.  Kofile is unique in that our best-in-class imaging service bureaus throughout the county have the experience, technology and equipment to handle all local government record types.

The Kofile Process

The Kofile Process for imaging goes beyond just running paper through a scanner.  In fact, image capture is only one of the many important stages in the process.  The Kofile process includes the following:

  1. Prep – ensuring all pages are accounted for and in order, determining the correct capture equipment to use, and making sure all pages are scan ready
  2. Capture – the actual scanning of documents with real time Quality Control
  3. Validation – a post capture Quality Control step to ensure that all pages are scanned correctly and have the correct page numbers

Kofile is the only company that ensures a 99.9% capture and accuracy rate in the industry. We achieve this through a blended process leveraging our technology and information capture methodologies. Unless the information is captured efficiently upfront, the user satisfaction level downstream will be challenging.

The Kofile Difference – Investment

Kofile continues to invest in both its people and its technology. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and people are highly trained. Our performance standards in the industry are without comparison – our customer loyalty and satisfaction rates are what has made Kofile the Gold Standard in imaging.

Kofile uses the appropriate equipment for different types of documents such as large format maps, bound books, photostat images, and very fragile pages. Kofile images millions of documents annually and can handle any document regardless of binding, size or condition.