What is Enhancement?

Image Enhancement is the process of taking a digitally captured image and improving the appearance and legibility of that image in the final deliverable. The Kofile Process uses proprietary software to enhance the image creating a deliverable that can be read clearly, printed, and provided to users.


Image Perfect

Image Perfect is the proprietary software that Kofile uses to enhance images. The benefits to our customers is compelling:

  • Unique algorithms are used to ensure uniformity in the delivered images
  • Borders are removed to improve the appearance of records and documents
  • Signatures and seals are darkened for improved legibility and indexing
  • Speckles and other defects are removed to improve the indexing process

While Image Perfect enhances images, it does not create or delete any information from the document – only enhances what was already there for viewing and retrieving.

The Kofile Difference

Kofile images are cleaner, more readable, print ready, and have a higher success rate for customer engagement. Citizen satisfaction is impacted if documents are legible and easily accessible in rapid time frame.

The net result is that the high quality of images and information enhances the user experience. Search and retrieval results are more accurate. The results are more are more functional. Citizen engagement and satisfaction is improved.