Ensuring that staff and constituents get the most value from each Kofile solution.


Our solution includes a thorough training curriculum to ensure everyone using and accessing the system is prepared. Our trainers work with the client team and the public to maximize their value in our system.

Training highlights include:

  • Group training onsite for all client users via classroom and on-the-job instruction, including training materials and manuals
  • Ongoing updates and support materials are provided for the staff
  • Each user has a customized main menu based on their permissions
  • Required fields are highlighted: if any information is missing, the system won’t allow advancement
  • All navigation instructions are provided in a document, in addition to quick user guides and cheat sheets
  • Solution configuration in parallel to the client system, ensuring continuity during the onboarding process and testing in client environment before launch
  • User friendly and intuitive system

Go Live

Go Live is transition day for the roll-out of the client’s Kofile solution. Our team is onsite and ensures the client and the solution are operating as designed. Go Live can be stressful, so we collaborate with all parties and teams to create a smooth and successful experience.

Go Live marks the transition to the production use of the new system. We are onsite with the client to ensure they smoothly shift over to the new system and the benefits are quickly realized.

Post-Go Live Services

We focus on a partnership with the client and dedicate resources to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from the their current environment to the new Kofile solution. We help both client staff and the public during and after Go Live. This includes an on-site team as necessary, new employee training, and product support.

We are committed to ensuring the client is satisfied with the installation and deployment. We provide software product updates or upgrades as part of the Annual Maintenance and Support Package. Technical upgrades or enhancements are included in this agreement.