Reduce counter volume, accelerate the process, and improve the customer experience for accessing and managing records.


Our solution includes the ability to process birth certificate filings and issue copies. Kofile provides integration with various state vitals offices and streamlines the overall process for creating, reproducing, and reporting records.

Features include:

  • Management controls to alert and prevent instances of fraud
  • Security paper tracking and reporting
  • Electronic certification process for certified copies of birth records


Our solution also includes the ability to record death certificates. We automate the process to streamline the workflow for death recordings and the issuance of death certificate copies.

Features include:

  • Integration with state offices
  • Security paper tracking and reporting
  • Indexed search engine for ease of researching death recordings
  • Electronic certification process for creating certified copies of death records

Additional reporting or data exports are provided to enable inter-department transfer of information such as voter roll updates.


Our solution includes the ability to process marriage applications and generate licenses both inside the office, through a KIOSK, or through an online web application. A rules-based process model allows for the configuration of advanced rules to enforce state mandated laws regarding marriages.

Features include:

  • Online application process
  • Secure transactions
  • Electronic certification process

With our solution, our clients can design and manage the look of the marriage certificates.


Vital record access is highly controlled and monitored due to the private information contained in these documents. Our solution includes the ability to securely process vital records while adhering to federal, state, and local guidelines for records access.

Features include:

  • Online access based on permissions and regulatory guidelines
  • Secure transactions¬†to protect against fraudulent activity
  • Electronic certification process for the issuance of certified copies of vitals records

The amount of the information provided to the public is controlled via client specific rules.