Licenses & Permits

Reduce counter volume, accelerate the process, and improve the customer experience for accessing and managing licenses and permits.


Our solution includes the ability to process and track liquor license filings and cashier transactions. We automate the process to streamline the workflow and ease the application process, fee collection, and access to liquor licenses.

Features include:

  • Online web form to streamline the application process
  • Search tools to better locate and track license applications

With Kofile, granting, tracking, and reporting on liquor licenses is simple and complete.

Marks & Brands

Our solution includes the ability to register marks and brands for livestock. We provide the ability to submit, cashier, and track ownership of all mark and brand filings. Rules can be implemented that provide follow-up notifications when marks or brands become due for renewal.

Features include:

  • Image storage so the actual mark or brand can be displayed
  • Indexing tools to allow mark and brand description searching

The image of the mark or brand is captured and available to the public for searching.

Foreclosure Notices & Public Notices

Our solution includes the ability to process foreclosure notice filings. We automate and ease the process. Notices are processed through an approval workflow and then posted for public access.

Features include:

  • Easy search options
  • Configurable workflow solutions

Rules can be implemented to determine when a notice should be removed.

Custom Permits & Notices

Our solution includes the ability to process client-specific permits and notices such as burn permits, event permits, and other constituent activities that require a permitting or notice process.

Features include:

  • Easy search options to track applications and locate existing permits and notifications
  • Configurable workflow solutions so additional, client-specific types of permits and notices can be processed

Through flexible process automation, local governments have the ability to streamline the processing and reporting of customer permits and notices.