Land Records

Government agencies that administer land records can use this specialized system to automate the processes required to record and manage official documents. This system radically enhances the citizen experience, and that of the office serving the public, by streamlining workflows and leveraging automation.


The GovOS Land Records application is the easiest way to digitize land records and make them available to citizens and staff.

Configurable Workflows

Documents can be submitted online and routed the same way as when they were submitted in person or by mail.

Automated Services & Processes

Automated indexing with GovOS greatly speeds indexing time, lowering costs, and accelerating recording time.

Reporting & Audit Trails

Our system can generate customized financial, administrative, or performance reports to either provide a quick summary or detailed listing.

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Our Land Records system application provides a flexible and configurable approach to meet the unique needs of local governments.


Our solution includes a robust, user-friendly cashiering module that tracks all monies taken and dispersed. The system allows the government office to accept and process multiple payment types, including cash and check transactions, prepaid escrow accounts, debit accounts, ACH electronic payments, and credit card fund processing. The system provides the ability to create customer account statements, invoice customers, correct errors, and monitor all activity through detailed audit trails. Each transaction can be tracked by user and by workstation to allow detailed reporting.


The automated processes used during GovOS’ capture process are customizable and allow for each individual to set their preferences. This can automate routines like cropping, de-skewing, de-speckling, etc. Some documents, such as back file scanning of older books, may require these functions.


Our eRecording offering has been designed so that it is integral to the system and does not require third parties. Documents submitted via eRecording are handled the same way as if they were submitted in person or by mail. The only change is an office process has been simplified by eliminating all or most of the indexing requirements and scanning needs.

“Our Residents need to know what the status of their property is in order to monitor for potential fraudulent activity. Kofile’s Fraud Alert is a great solution for us and the people that we serve.”

– Frederick C. Sheeler | Recorder of Deeds, Berks County, PA

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