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The point of interaction with the public has shifted from mostly paper and in-person to an increasingly digital reality. GovOS Engagement applications target a host of those specific interaction points to allow you to receive, track, and fulfill requests for service. GovOS Engagement makes it easy to bring outmoded processes online, saving your staff and citizens time and keeping engagement flowing.

From Forms to Digital Engagement Workflows

Local governments across the country rely on the GovOS Engagement platform to connect with their citizens.

Local governments can make life easier for businesses and citizens

Gone are the days of dropping off paperwork in-person to initiate or complete a license application. Governments must now provide complete online capabilities so that business can continue as usual, even when something is disrupted.

Remote Marriage

This GovOS application can help your citizens and staff complete an application for a marriage license entirely online, with scheduling, video, eSignature and recording functionality all built-in.

Assumed Names

Local governments can streamline processes for local businesses by bringing their DBA application online. This GovOS solution includes the ability to process and track Assumed Names/DBA filings and cashier transactions online.

Application Studio

Cloud-based, feature-rich tool for effortlessly transforming PDF and paper-based processes into online services that delight constituents and staff.

Short-Term Rentals

Take control of the short-term rental market and ensure every rental is compliant with your unique regulations.

Business Licensing

Automate your paper processes to enhance revenue collection and increase ease of use for businesses.

Tax Filing

Transform traditional paper-based tax collection into one streamlined, paperless process.

Lodging Tax Portal

Multi-jurisdictional taxpayers can file and remit taxes to every jurisdiction in a state through a single online filing system.

Utilities Package

GovOS Utilities Package converts paper-heavy utilities processes into simple, streamlined online services.

HR Package

HR processes don’t have to be manually intensive. The GovOS HR Package can turn paperwork into online workflows.

“We used GovOS to build an online process for minors to apply for their driver’s license while our service centers were closed. The Licenses application enabled us to customize that process so we could collect the phone number and email of the applicant. We also added an eSignature field because this process requires parental consent before a license can be issued. Digitizing has made it so much easier for us to collect all the information we needed.”

– Cherice Ogg | Lead Website Designer, Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT)

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