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GovOS Meeting Minutes is a comprehensive database for storage and cataloging of meeting minutes in your municipality. Powered by Cloud Search – the most powerful search engine for government records – Meeting Minutes can scan hundreds of thousands of records and return requested text strings in seconds. Meeting Minutes also makes it easy to upload comprehensive minutes documentation into the GovOS Records platform so staff can spend less time converting and uploading files.


GovOS Meeting Minutes makes it simple to search through large volumes of detailed items without the constraints of other tools. Users can search for virtually any contained text and find publicly available information in a modern user experience.

Robust Search Options

Meeting Minutes offers access to data without the need to know the specific project name, vendor or other typical “index” information.

Tabbed Results

Make it easy for searchers to organize results using tabbed results and results grids that are sortable and resizable.

Secure Search

Meeting Minutes security requirements can be customized with various levels of access permissions.

“This has been one of the most successful tools that we’ve been able to have to find all of that history.”

— Julie Smith, Potter County, TX

More Ways to Search Meeting Records

More Ways to Catalogue Data

GovOS Meeting Minutes provides a number of different ways to catalogue meeting minutes, including case name, case number, filed dates, attorney, personal representatives, and more. Municipalities can also create name lists for common names and attorneys, making it easier to locate records.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Meeting Minutes uses GovOS Cloud Search technology, which provides full OCR search capabilities so that searchers who only have text fragments can still find and review relevant records. Cloud Search can comb hundreds of millions of records and return results in seconds, with no artificial search limits.


GovOS Meeting Minutes collects and stores data in compliance with the highest level of SSL protocols, which are resistant to hacks and ransomware.

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