June 28, 2021

Kofile Acquires DPS (Data Preservation Solutions, Inc.)

Kofile today announces it has completed the acquisition of DPS to augment its preservation, imaging and indexing services for local governments.
Posted by Karl Pawlewicz
Kofile announces the acquisition of DPS

Dallas-based Kofile will be integrating Data Preservation Solutions, Inc. products and services to better serve local governments in Texas and across the United States

Dallas, TX, June 28, 2021—Kofile, a company that is transforming the way people experience local government, today announced the successful acquisition of Data Preservation Solutions, Inc. (DPS), a trusted provider of document restoration, preservation, indexing, and imaging services for local governments throughout Texas. DPS products and services will be combined with Kofile Services, the business line of Kofile dedicated to preservation, imaging and indexing of records and data for local governments.

“The next twenty years will be the most important time in the history of document preservation and access,” says Michael Crosno, CEO of Kofile. “The accelerated pace of digital transformation, the shifting expectations of employees and constituents alike, and an increasingly complex cyber security landscape have all converged to present challenges, but also opportunities. Our acquisition of DPS enables us to rise to meet these challenges and develop creative solutions that will preserve the legacy of our government partners for hundreds of years to come.”

The synergistic product sets deepen Kofile’s ability to solve problems at every level of local government and to provide customers with even better service through increased specialized talent and experience.

“In evaluating Kofile, we found a new management team that has re-committed the organization to putting the customer first in everything they do,” said Brian Rathe, owner and president of DPS. “They share our belief that it is paramount to build trust with customers by going above and beyond what’s expected. We’re confident that we’re partnering with an organization that will continue the legacy of what we’ve built while preserving the legacy of local governments across the U.S.”

DPS is widely recognized as a trusted partner to many public officials in Texas and has a long history of starting the digitization journey for many Clerks. As a part of Kofile Services, which works with more than 3,000 counties and municipalities across the country, the two companies can offer solutions to any and every government agency tasked with recordkeeping. This includes records across a wide range of document types, from recent birth certificates to centuries-old historical documents.

“Accelerating change has made accelerated innovation a necessity,” says Jonathan Mohn, President, Kofile Services. “While technology use in the private sector has traditionally outpaced Government’s use, our vision for the future is different. Meeting the standards for tech-enabled services is not enough. We want to set the standards and we’re moving quickly to make that a reality. This acquisition underscores our commitment to leading this market and providing our customers with the highest-quality products and services possible.”

About Kofile

Kofile transforms the way people experience local government, with market-leading services and digital solutions that modernize operations and improve citizen access and engagement. As the foremost expert in document preservation, digitization, and indexing, Kofile makes government records accessible, with 225+ million documents digitally stored and secured. Kofile’s digital solutions are also cloud-enabled, delivering secure, reliable and scalable access to information and services through a comprehensive suite of applications for searching and requesting records, recording and e-filing, permitting and licensing, and workforce and vendor management. Kofile is a partner to thousands of local governments, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and strategically located laboratories in six other US locations.

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