Information Transformation

Protecting and making available the most important local government asset - its history.


Many documents held by local governments are both historical and permanent. Maintaining the integrity of these documents for generations to come is an important responsibility. As the largest provider of document preservation services in the country, our experienced staff have restored millions of documents.

Our preservation services provide a full range of restoration and preservation processes to restore the documents, and return the originals to the owner agency.

Once a project is completed, our clients can be assured that they have successfully preserved a piece of history for years to come.


Creating digital copies of paper documents allows local governments to perform their jobs more efficiently. More importantly, digital images provide better access to government records for the public. Our digitization services include:

  • Our proprietary Image Perfect image enhancement software enhances images to remove skewing, speckles, and borders
  • Zonal enhancement is applied to bring out faded areas such as signatures, dates, and stamps
  • Digital annotations (ex. Book/Volume/Page) may be added to each image to assist in record keeping and retrieval
  • Multiple quality assurance steps are taken to ensure the accuracy and quality of the final deliverable

Domain specific knowledge is a necessity and we maintain data integrity, order, and identification of the original sources and the digital images. All images are produced with the highest quality, free of distortion, and loss of information.


Our team has decades of experience across the full spectrum of records technology. We are experts in document systems, as well as local government requirements.

We work closely with our clients to analyze the information set and create a conversion plan. Our experts create conversion automation, which is tested and reviewed by the client. This approach leverages excellent skills, best practices, and client review milestones to ensure that the conversion is done right, on time, and on budget.

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