Information Processing

Enable citizen engagement with organized, classified, searchable, and secure information


To be located efficiently, government records need to be organized and classified into searchable information. The relevant information from each document needs to be abstracted so that it is searchable for both government employees and the public. Our indexing teams:

  • Work with each client to identify the fields to capture and any client specific requirements
  • Utilize a “blind re-key” process where each document is indexed twice by different operators, resulting in a close to 99 percent accuracy rate
  • Are experienced operators who specialize in local government records

Our basis for success is decades of experience, realistic solutions, and professional analysis. We are continually investing in our indexing software, hardware, and most importantly, our people.

Local Retention

Our Local Retention services are a suite of archival and backup services that include the ability to replicate information to a local site. This approach provides another secure way to duplicate information and provide clients with methods for accessing and reproducing valuable information. Kofile provides for the electronic or physical duplication of information for transferal to the client’s location. Electronic information is delivered in an industry standard format for easy importation to a variety of information management systems.

Local Retention formats include:

  • Microfilm to provide unalterable physical offline storage to comply with government regulations
  • Industry standard data and image electronic formats for easy system importation or for human reading
  • Portable Kofile format for automated importation to a Kofile information management system

The range of Kofile retention services allows for a complete and multi-tiered approach to ensuring the highest possible degree of secure storage and guaranteed accessibility.

Cloud Retention

A key component of any retention strategy is to place managed copies of information in multiple locations with different access strategies. This approach provides a number of benefits:

  • A high degree of accessibility while protecting against different types of outages or data loss
  • Seamless backup of information to a secure cloud infrastructure
  • Automatic duplication and geographic distribution
  • Management under a state-of-the-art set of security procedures and tooling

Information backed up to the Kofile Cloud Retention solution can also be further protected by writing the digital information to microfilm, and storing either at the client site or in Kofile’s secure retention facility.

This multi-layered approach provides a secure and resilient storage and recovery strategy that is designed to meet strict regulatory guidelines for critical information retention.