Document Recording

Record important documents such as deeds, mortgages, land contracts, financing statements, liens, and more.

Assumed Names/Doing Business As (DBA)

Kofile’s solution includes the ability to process and track Assumed Names/DBA filings and cashier transactions online. Kofile streamlines the workflow for government offices and eases the application process, fee collection, and access to Assumed Names/DBA filings. Kofile’s configuration workflow system makes conforming and enforcing local regulations easy. Features include:

  • Online application process to enable self-service of applying for a DBA
  • Search tools to determine if a name is already in use

This approach benefits the government office by reducing counter volume and accelerating the process.

Department of Defense 214/Military Discharges

Kofile’s solution includes the ability to file Military Discharges (DD214) in a safe and secure manner protecting the integrity of the information contained within the document.

  • Secure access to ensure that confidential information is protected
  • Permission-based search option allows searches to see that something exists without access to all of the information in the DD214

This streamlined process provides for quick processing while providing the necessary level of document and content security.

Custom Records

Kofile’s solution includes the ability to process and file custom record types. This allows clerks and recorders to offer recording services beyond the traditional Real Property and Vitals recording. Features include:

  • Automatically integrated with the search engine so custom recording types can be accessed
  • Ability to configure to address custom needs
  • Automatic integration with the reporting and cashiering functions

Kofile makes it easy to configure recording processes that extend the value of the clerk’s office and provide added value to the community.