Enable citizens to directly and conveniently access local government services, no matter their location.

Customer Self-Service

Local governments can dramatically enhance citizen satisfaction while lowering internal costs by deploying the self-service capabilities provided with a Kofile solution. Kofile self-service allows citizens to access important county processes anywhere and anytime. Services can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, or conventional laptops and desktop computers. Typical processes that can be delivered through self-service include:

  • Marriage applications
  • Requests for vitals documents
  • Assumed Name and Doing Business As applications (DBA)

This level of convenience improves accessibility and increases citizen engagement and satisfaction.

Public Document Search

Our solution allows constituents to access official records online through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Built with input from public users and title searchers from across the country, the system allows users to easily access indexes, perform searches, view images, and print documents.

Our solution provides counties with the following:

  • Secure website accessible via the internet allowing users to search, view and print from home, office or public workstations
  • Option to charge for access (subscription fee) to the website with complete financial reporting and history
  • Simple “Google-like” search and advanced search functionality to improve experience for various levels of users

e-Certification Requests

We make it possible to electronically certify and return documents without the need for citizens to go into a government office. Documents are requested online and returned in a secure and verifiable format. This solution allows local governments to validate the requester in person and provides the option to request and pay for certified copies on-line, but pick up the certified copy in the government location is also supported. Advanced features include:

  • 24/7 availability of electronic access to request or process certified copy requests
  • Secure financial transaction processing
  • Tamper seal verification

Shopping Cart

Our solution provides an e-Commerce platform that utilizes a familiar “shopping cart” type experience for those services and documents that require payment.

Highlighted features include:

  • The ability to fill a shopping cart and then return to it later
  • Emailed receipts with purchase detail
  • Credit card and payment accounts
  • Citizen purchase history

As with all Kofile financial modules, detailed billing and transaction reports are available.


In addition to remote, internet-based transactions, customers can also perform self-service transactions through a Kofile recording KIOSK which is typically located in local government offices. This enables customers to access different types of transactions, enter the necessary information, scan documents for recording, and remit recording fees using an intuitive touch-screen monitor. All of the customer-entered information and an electronic image of the scanned document is received by the system for entry into the county’s official records.

Features include:

  • Intuitive, step-by-step user interface for ease of self-service
  • A range of Land and Vitals self-service applications
  • Secure transactions & payment processing

The KIOSK’s automated workflow allows the staff to spend less time entering customer information and handling paper documents and more time focusing on customer service.