Courts & Probate

Facilitate the entire case management process from start to finish.

Case Management

Our Case Management solution streamlines the entire process – as well as licensing – from start to finish. From adding cases to automatically generating signed letters, this system enables incredibly efficient and cost-effective case and estate management. We custom-design this to your specific office and state requirements for cases, estates, and vital records.

  • Flexible case organization and classification
  • Configurable access rules to ensure confidential information is securely managed
  • Long term retention capabilities to preserve Case information

Kofile’s Case Management solution is the preferred platform for flexible and secure case management applications.

Solution Highlights

Indexing & Classification

Our solution is a robust, intuitive, and user-friendly system. The application includes the ability to generate case-related documents and reports tailored to each county. The system increases productivity by reducing data entry. It automates legal compliance by allowing reception, indexing, and scanning of filings in a quick and efficient manner. The system can accept inheritance tax payments, print checks, and electronically transfer information to state revenue departments. Features include:

  • Online submissions
  • Configurable workflows
  • Auto-document creation

Petitions and other applications or paperwork can be completed online, saving constituents time upon arrival as the information is already entered into the system and is reviewed and accepted by the county.


Disaster recovery and security are major components of the system. All electronic data, records, and images are secured, backed-up, and can be stored at an off-site location.

Redundant servers assure that there will not be any downtimes. Data is protected through firewalls and secure passwords. Archiving from image to film can also be provided, if desired.

Highlights include:

  • High availability through redundant servers, multiple retention formats, and geographic replication of information
  • Advanced security protection that continually monitors for threats and the application of threat mitigations
  • Secure transfer of data for on location retention of client information

The Kofile retention capabilities are advanced and leverage the latest state-of-the-art practices and capabilities in secure document retention.

Wills for Safekeeping

Our solution includes the ability to securely store and process will transactions. Kofile automates and streamlines the workflow for government offices, easing the process for filing, storing, and providing permission-based access to documents. Features include:

  • Secure access to private information
  • Electronic certification
  • Reporting and tracking of filed and recorded wills

Kofile provides a flexible capture and repository to support different types of wills.