What is Restoration?

Document restoration is the process that returns documents back to their original state and prepares those documents to be preserved for future generations. Documents deteriorate over time due to excessive handling, non-archival repairs, improper storage, and decay of source materials. Restoration reverses the decay process and allows for original documents to be maintained in perpetuity.


Why Perform Restoration?

Most permanent records have not been properly maintained. The correct treatment and care of those documents is needed to preserve history. Some of the reasons Local Governments leverage Kofile’s unique treatment processes include:

  • Many man-made treatments of these documents will actually accelerate the decay of the physical paper.
  • Adhesives such as tape, glue and lamination will destroy paper documents.
  • Poor storage methods including high humidity environments, rodent infestation, and natural disasters such as power outages and floods will further deteriorate these important documents at an alarming rate.

What does Kofile Restore?

Kofile has performed work on documents that contain historically important signatures and information as well as documents that pertain to all citizens.

  • Real Property Records – Deeds, Liens, Releases
  • Vital Records – Births, Deaths, Marriages, Wills
  • Maps and Plats
  • Historical Records with signatures from President Abraham Lincoln, Stephen F. Austin, President John F. Kennedy and more…

Kofile also preserves any information that is not in a machine-readable state to be imaged and indexed for citizen access. Historical information that counties and municipalities would like to make available to their constituents as part of their open government initiatives is made ready for scanning.