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Kofile Acquires SeamlessDocs

Kofile is excited to announce the acquisition of SeamlessDocs, a powerful application builder that helps governments digitize paper-based and PDF-reliant processes.


“Our customers across local government have been asking us for ways to deliver better digital experiences to their citizens and staff. The addition of SeamlessDocs allows us to offer a complete set of secure and user-friendly digital services. We’re thrilled about the new value we can deliver to our partners.”

Michael Crosno, CEO, Kofile

A Comprehensive Suite of Digital Solutions

Kofile is launching a comprehensive suite of native cloud applications that digitize the many important functions of local government. Government agencies will now be able to use Kofile’s secure and scalable applications to deliver a full range of user-friendly digital services:

Searching & Requesting Records
Recording & E-filing
Permitting & Licensing
• Managing Workforce & Vendors

In addition to pre-built applications that solve for the needs above, Kofile now also offers Application Studio, an application builder to meet custom needs in the delivery of information and services.

A Partner For All Digital Transformation Needs

As local governments look to expand digital efforts and improve their citizen and staff experience, they need a partner with a complete set of solutions and the expertise to support across all facets of digital transformation. From document preservation and digitization to user- friendly digital services and applications for constituents and staff, Kofile can help.

A Complete Set of Solutions for Clerks & Recorders

For decades, Kofile has been the leading provider of digitization services for county clerks and recorders. Kofile also offers clerks a best-in-class cloud platform for records management, vitals recording, property recording, and more. With the acquisition of SeamlessDocs, Kofile has now expanded its clerk offerings to include a full set of applications that help digitize every information and service need.

To learn more about our offerings for clerks and recorders, download our informational brochure.


To learn more about our new offerings for all functions of local government, call us at (833) 563-4533 or email us at