Kofile Announcement – External FAQ

What has happened?

Kofile has been acquired by Audax, a Boston-based investment firm that has partnered with us
based on our past success and future potential as a growing platform company.

Why has it happened?

Kofile has reached a size and level of success that requires a different ownership and
management model for us to scale for the future. Sonny Oates, our owner for the past 10 years,
along with the current Management Team, are committed to fueling Kofile’s future growth and
positioning us for even greater success.

This step achieves this aim by empowering Kofile to optimally advance our product innovation
and expand our product offerings, while growing our position in the public sector and
enhancing our already excellent customer experience.

How will it impact the company?

At a day-to-day level, our Management Team remains intact and is a participant in the
investment. Kofile and Audax are committed together to continuing everything that has brought
Kofile to this point – great products, great people and great customer service.

Kofile has built a reputation in the market as a customer-centric company with high-quality
products, and this step enables us to grow, accelerate and enhance our customer experience.

Who is Audax and how involved will they be?

Audax is a Boston-based investment firm that is, as their slogan says, “built to build businesses.”
Their involvement will be as an investor and not an operator.

What that means is that the existing Management Team and employees will remain intact in a
“business as usual” capacity, focused on developing our products and maximizing our ability to
provide the very best customer experience.

After assessing 40 different potential buyers, Audax was chosen for their commitment to the
current Kofile business and our employees, along with their ability and willingness to invest in
the growing future of this company. Of all the potential buyers, Audax was the obvious and best

How will this impact me as a customer?

As a valued Kofile customer, you will not see any change or impact from this step.

There are no changes to contracts, sales representation or our strong Kofile brand.

Current proposals remain unchanged and your overall day-to-day relationship with Kofile will
remain unchanged.

Over time, the investment will allow us to provide you and all our customers with further
advancements in product innovation and expanded product offerings, bringing even more
improvements and efficiencies to our customers’ operations.

What will Sonny’s involvement be going forward?

Sonny remains committed to Kofile, our customers and our success.

While his time and financial investments will be directed in other areas, his heart continues to
be part of Kofile and he will always be available for whatever we may need.