Make Life Better
For Your Staff

There is a direct relationship between an employee’s quality of life and their quality of service. With GovOS Workforce, you can deploy online services that provide employees with a modern, intuitive experience when it comes to their day-to-day, and ensure their safety and well being even in the most trying times.

Bring Paper-Based Processes Online

 GovOS Workforce makes it easy to eliminate paperwork for the core functionality of your office.

Paperwork, Except Without The Paper And The Work

Say goodbye to heavy paperwork binders. With Workforce, you can digitize huge document packets and bring both the submission and approval processes online. Internal documents that once took hours or even days to manage and edit, can now be edited and uploaded in half the time.

Automated Workflows

Signatures and documentation can all be collected online, and used to trigger automated workflows so that processes can move through multiple rounds of approvals, without any in-person contact.

New Hire Packets

New Hire Packets have always been an all-encompassing binder of information. Essential to the smooth operation of every organization, many government agencies have opted to bring their new hire packets online. This lets employees read and review on any device, and save their progress as they go.

File Attachments

Using GovOS Workforce, your department can submit reports and requests with the needed documentation attached. No more paper clips or staples – no more paper! Plus, with Workforce, you can make certain form fields required, so you never get an incomplete submission again.

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