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Cloud-based, feature-rich tool for effortlessly transforming PDF and paper-based processes into online services that delight constituents and staff.

At the heart of each of our Application Suites is the GovsOS Studio.

Studio powers agencies that want to digitize forms, go paperless, and change the way citizens experience local government. Governments throughout the United States rely on GovOS Studio to quickly and easily transform paperwork into online services that reduce processing time, improve transparency, eliminate errors and ensure that government business runs smoothly.

Take Control

With Studio, you have complete control over online form functionality and workflows. From customizing design to configuring submission routing, you can build the ideal digital process for you, your team and your constituents.


GovOS Studio eSignature technology can be easily incorporated to help you get forms signed and processed quickly. GovOS Studio forms with eSignatures are both eSIGN and UETA compliant.


GovOS Studio lets you add payment options to any of your online services, document or web form, and include a customized transaction fee with just a few clicks. Our payment module allows you to connect a form to one of 17 payment gateways. GovOS software follows the highest data security standards with PCI Compliance. We can also export data or sync with your existing accounting systems.


Studio lets you easily set up custom stages for each form process to help you organize submissions as they go through the necessary approvals. You can create and edit an unlimited number of tags to give context to form submissions, and you can use those tags to trigger unique workflows and processes.


A single government will undoubtedly be using multiple pieces of software for their various needs. The GovOS API lets you integrate with all your other existing systems to make for a stronger application that is easier to use. With GovOS, you can push data from any of your existing databases or software services and have them automatically populate a form built in Studio.

Rapid Requests For Records

With GovOS Records, your team can build custom forms that citizens can use to request specific records. With our Studio platform, these can be built and brought online in a matter of minutes, and quickly edited at any point, improving workflows for both citizens and staff.

“With help from the GovOS team, in less than a year we went from 20 digitized forms to more than 1,000 forms with over 33,000 submissions. We started with all our public-facing forms, specifically those that require payment, and it’s greatly improved the user experience for both citizens and staff members.”

– Dawn Connet | eGovernment Services Coordinator, State of Iowa

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