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For DBA Certificates

Prior to 2020, the process of applying for a DBA or Assumed Name license had to be done entirely in-person. GovOS DBA/Assumed Names application now makes it possible to complete the application and approval process entirely remote, without any physical paperwork exchanged. Counties can now quickly and easily provide local businesses and constituents with the ability to go online to register new/renewed business names without any office visits.


The GovOS DBA/Assumed Name Application provides all of the functionality a citizen or business needs to apply to do business under another name. From start to finish, the registration and notification process can be digitized and automated, to save steps for both citizens and staff.

Online Tracking

Process and track Assumed Names/DBA filings and cashier transactions online.

Automate Processes

Create required application fields, detect missing information, advance the issuance of licenses.

Easy Database Management

Digitize past, present and future DBA licenses to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Download Our One Pager On DBA/Assumed Names

Download our application guide on how GovOS can transform how your government operates.

The GovOS DBA Application digitizes all of the steps of an in-person transaction, ensuring speed and transparency at every step of the way.

What once took hours, now takes only minutes and can be done anywhere at any time.

Advanced Search Functionality

Before someone even starts the process of applying for a DBA, they can use GovOS to conduct a comprehensive search of other assumed names to ensure they one they want is still available.

Online Payments

Any citizen or business that wants to apply for a DBA must pay a filing fee. With GovOS, that filing fee can be collected online, and customized according to account for local taxes and any other processing fees.

Notarized Attachments

In counties where notarized documents are required to accompany a DBA request, applicants can easily upload attached documents along with their form submission.

“Because of Kofile, our customers can easily search and validate proposed names before entering their application. This saves and immense amount of time for bot citizens and our staff.”

Denise Valles | County Clerk
Ward County, TX

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