Streamline Insights

GovOS Insights applications allow your constituents to express their opinions, needs, and celebrations on projects and initiatives. Collecting this structured and unstructured data and turning it into actionable dashboards and metrics is the mission of our Insights services.

Our Survey tool allows for quick creation of surveys and polls on virtually any topic relevant to your agency.

Responses are collected and custom workflows, such as email settings, can be applied to create quick action or disseminate information automatically.
Simple drag-and-drop form elements let your departments easily create without unnecessarily burdening IT.

“With help from the GovOS team, in less than a year we went from 20 digitized forms to more than 1,000 forms with over 33,000 submissions. We started with all our public-facing forms, specifically those that require payment, and it’s greatly improved the user experience for both citizens and staff members.”

– Dawn Connet | eGovernment Services Coordinator, State of Iowa

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