Lodging Tax Portal

Compliance Made Easy

The GovOS Lodging Tax Portal provides a single point of remittance that maximizes the ease of filing and tax collection for both jurisdictions and taxpayers. Since our Portal allows for a single method of filing to each jurisdiction in a state, we are the choice for major STR vendors and hotels for tax filing.

No more chasing collections

By offering the GovOS Lodging Tax Portal to taxpayers and large filers, you can ensure timely deposits and more accurate collections of lodging tax in your jurisdiction.

Secure Collection

Payments are remitted via a state-vetted secure platform. All data processed through the portal is held to the highest level of security, ensuring peace-of-mind.

Increase Revenue

Removing many of the burdensome obstacles for marketplace facilitators means jurisdictions will immediately benefit from additional tax dollars filed in the Portal.

Single Filing

Businesses can file for every jurisdiction in a state in one simple filing, reducing filing time while ensuring accurate collection.

How it Works

Built on years of experience serving as tax industry consultants to public and private organizations, the GovOS Lodging Tax Portal answers a growing need for an efficient, easy-to-use platform that can transform how citizens and businesses remit to their local government.

Direct Deposits

Funds are deposited directly into the jurisdiction’s account. Save your staff time with direct deposits through secure technology vetted by state agencies.

Ease of Collection

By making filing easy for the taxpayer, jurisdictions that use the Lodging Tax Portal are able to collect revenue they may not have been able to collect before.

One-Click Reporting

Allow transparency across all tax remittance, with extensive reporting capabilities at the click of a button.


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