Streamline Community Development

GovOS Community applications let you bring processes, approvals, payments and services online, and digitize the way your local government interacts with its citizens and businesses.

Community Engagement Starts With Online Services

When it comes to interacting with businesses and government, people expect to be able to get things done anywhere, any time, on any type of device. In building a strong community, and attracting new members and businesses, local governments should strive to meet and exceed those expectations by providing easy-to-use online services. With GovOS Community, digitizing a form or process takes only minutes and can make a world of difference in the day-to-day lives of your constituents.

Deliver your Services in a Fresh, Simple Way

Interactions with contractors, businesses, and citizens can be a smooth process for your agency and those seeking services. GovOS Community takes the complexity out of permitting, planning, utility management and more.

Utility Service Applications

GovOS can work with your team to custom build a form and management system for any type of utility service application. Digitizing these forms and processes saves staff time by eliminating errors and preventing incomplete forms from being submitted; and can improve transparency with citizens by sending automatic emails notifying them of the status of their application.

Trash Requests

While simple, the ability to request a bulk trash pickup or report a missed pickup are vital to a citizen’s satisfaction with your agency. With GovOS Community, you can make it possible for citizens to submit those requests from any computer or mobile device, and ensure any issues are resolved quickly.

Low Income Assistance & Rebate Programs

Extraordinary situations present new, unexpected challenges that local governments have to respond to quickly. The COVID pandemic introduced new challenges for citizens faced with financial hardships. Local governments took action to respond and ensure that people didn’t lose their dwelling due to circumstances out of their control. GovOS Community helped hundreds of municipalities develop repeatable, scalable services to sustain quality of life and peace of mind for their constituents.

“Before COVID, we had the door to digital transformation cracked open a little. But in response to the pandemic, we kicked that door wide open. Now we’ve digitally transformed all of our departments to some degree—everything from security check on your home, to building permits, to signing up for benefits—anything and everything we have a document for we have electronically. We now view digital transformation as a quality of life consideration for our citizens: we want to meet or exceed their expectations, and GovOS helps us accomplish that.”

– Dominique Green | City Clerk, Cleveland, MS

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