Ensure project success and a high quality solution, all within budget and on time.


We use a structured and detailed process to ensure each project is a success, while providing security, confidence, and a low stress environment for our clients. Throughout each project, our project managers are committed to regular checkpoints, monitoring, and proactive communication.

Our project managers ensure the highest customer satisfaction by:

  • Achieving alignment of client expectations and government requirements
  • Evaluating effectiveness of software features to the county’s desired workflow
  • Participating in assessing hardware needs for procurement along with proper configuration
  • Assessing quality verification of data conversion
  • Assessing quality verification and certification of requested integrations
  • Providing structured, well-defined and proven process for successful implementation of solution


  • A detailed installation plan and timeline with clear deliverables
  • Comprehensive training  for all users
  • A fully operational application
  • Plan for ongoing use and development
  • Continued premium support plan


Our project managers and teams work with all involved parties to execute a phased project plan. Our approach to project management is highly structured and includes regular meetings and status updates to identify issues or concerns.

Clients can expect:

  • Strict compliance with state and local regulations as well as industry standards relevant to the services/solution
  • Review and approval triggers built into the detailed project plan/testing phases
  • Internal quality assurances and review professionals rigorously testing system configurations and development
  • Adherence to strict internal quality controls for testing and production environments, including testing of QA reviews and compliance prior to installation or deployment