Our Approach

Bringing years of experience in local government to deliver best practices based solutions.

Our Approach

We have extensive experience in delivering preservation and digitization premium services and implementing, converting, and supporting record management systems specifically designed for local governments.

  • Every team member has over 5 years experience with local government systems
  • Management Team has over 15 years industry experience
  • Continuing education on new and emerging technologies and Best practices

We employ the best and brightest of industry experts to ensure total client satisfaction and success.

Our Services


Our support approach is defined by access to information and resources on demand. From phone and chat support to onsite assistance, we strive to make sure client teams and their citizens get the answers and assistance they need.

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Our trainers work directly with client teams to set expectations and timelines to ensure everyone gets the most value from our solution, as quickly as possible. Our tailored approach includes on-site and video-based education.

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We provide an implementation methodology that leverages the deep expertise of our team and the industry. Our experts work directly with agency teams to ensure a successful implementation and conversion.

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Customer Engagement

A successful project requires dedication and engagement from both partners. We employ a detailed project management methodology to provide consistent and timely communication to the client.

Our client partners can expect:

  • Dedicated project teams
  • Detailed project plans and communication
  • Online communication repository
  • User group meetings
  • Direct feedback loop to solve problems and improves technologies