About Us

Kofile was founded on a simple principle: To power modern government

William “Sonny” Oates started Kofile in 2009 with the belief that government has infinite potential to do good. He believed that all information residing within local governments should be preserved, digitized and made available to all their employees and citizens. We partner with government agencies nationwide to help them meet their citizens’ needs by modernizing information management and access systems:

  • We digitize and distill intelligence of billions of records and documents
  • We provide secure technologies to manage information and make it easily accessible
  • And we deliver these solutions on a fast and scalable basis

A Commitment to Excellent Service

Our collective time in the industry is evidence of the passion we have for our work. Our founder, and many members of our team have more than 40 years each helping governments capture and manage large volumes of information to improve citizen engagement. Our customer first commitment starts with the agency and extends directly to the citizen.

We use our technical innovation and world-class customer service to power modern government, so it can focus on serving the people.

A Responsible Partner

Government’s potential to do good is largely measured by how quickly they respond to and accommodate citizen needs, online and off. We are committed to being exceptional partners with agencies nationwide as we work together to bridge the growing gap between the analog and digital ages. We help local governments responsibly meet their critical document and data needs in three key ways:

  • We restore and preserve all local government records to ensure that they are protected, secure and accessible forever
  • We digitize and distill intelligence of billions of records and documents across all government agencies
  • We then provide process-centric technologies that manage information, making it accessible to citizens through a superior experience
  • We deliver these secure digital document solutions on a fast and scalable basis

A Legacy of Innovation

Our legacy of innovation for the public sector spans the technological evolution from microfilm, to client-server applications, to web-based platforms, to our current on-premise and cloud SaaS solutions. Key initiatives include:

  • Our cloud document recording and processing platform
  • Improving transformation and processing solutions
  • Expanding resources and training for our client service

A Secure System

We use the most stringent security guards in the industry. We have invested in various federal compliance certifications to ensure agency and citizen data is safe. We believe our responsibility to protect the information is as important as a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens.