The highly scalable, always on, secure platform for modern government.

The Kofile Way

We designed our total-cloud offering to bring local governments into the digital age to meet the on-demand needs of their citizens, wherever they are.

We’ve spent many years and millions of dollars to develop our proprietary cloud system. With an emphasis on information recording and process automation solutions, we can promise our agency partners a best in class cloud platform, modern cloud deployment models, and secure cloud openness and accessibility.

We designed this next-level technology to make documents and data accessible anytime and anywhere without the need for local data centers. This will:

  • Reduce overall tech costs associated with hardware, software and human capital
  • Ensure government continuity when there is a crisis or natural disaster

This makes Kofile not only an intelligent solution to agency needs, but a responsible one.

Cloud Features

Cloud Architecture

User access to the Cloud

The Kofile Cloud system provides a highly secure environment for Government users and a highly accessible environment for citizen and constituent access.

  • Citizens access information and processes through a responsive-designed user experience that allows access from mobile devices, tablets, laptops and workstations
  • Government users access the Kofile Cloud system through a secure infrastructure designed to offer a high degree of protection for sensitive information
  • All transactions and personal information are always encrypted
  • Further access security, including IP range filtering and Active Directory authentication, are also provided


Cloud Virtual Network

The Kofile Cloud system utilizes the most current technology available to local governments today.

  • 1) Utilizes a highly scalable and resilient micro-services architecture
  • Composed of an ecosystem of web-based application services and back-end business services
  • Services scale independently, allowing Kofile to quickly ramp up services in response to user demand
  • Sophisticated load balancing infrastructure routes traffic to ensure the best possible user response time and service availability

Storage Management

Kofile utilizes the best-in-breed storage management services provided in the public cloud.

  • Immediate replication of data locally within the Kofile Cloud network, as well as to a geographically distributed secondary site
  • Real-time backup of all data as it is created and modified

As a result, services and data access are provided uninterrupted, should there be any issue with data center connectivity or availability.

Platform Security is a Priority

We invest in and adhere to the most rigorous government, industry, and regional regulations regarding security and data protection.

  • The most sophisticated encryption protocols in the industry
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Advanced analytics and intelligence for threat detection
  • Immediate detection and resolution

Notable Certifications

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • ISO 27001
  • FedRAMP
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2