Services Team

The Kofile Services leadership is comprised of a senior staff with varied skills and experiences. There are members with deep backgrounds in technology and software businesses and also those decending from generations of document conservators. Among them all, there is great respect and reverence for the physical records Kofile has the opportunity to preserve, many dating back prior to sovereignty. There is also a desire and drive to find new tools and technologies to bring records online with ever-increasing accuracy and fidelity.

Jonathan Mohn – Kofile Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Mohn
President, Kofile Services

Jonathan has been in senior leadership roles in software, technology, and services companies for the past 15 years. He has successfully led finance and operations teams with a deep focus on driving growth and profitability in a capital efficient manner. He’s brought operating excellence to companies with revenues ranging from $1m to $125m+. Jonathan has extensive experiences in building strong company cultures that are centered around customer value propositions, go-to-market models, and product line accountability. Jonathan drives the company’s strategic planning, financing, accounting, and mergers / acquisition activities.  


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