Michael Crosno
President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been in leadership positions in the software and technology enabled services industry for over 30 years. He has successfully led Information Management, Workflow, Business Process Management, Content Management, Enterprise Security, and E-commerce companies. He focuses on creating loyal customers, best-in-class solutions, and growth driven organizations. Product innovation and services leadership is core to his success model. Michael started his tenure with Kofile in late 2017 and continues to expand Kofile’s market leadership in local governments.

Steve Russell – Kofile Chief Product Officer

George Williams
Chief Financial Officer

George leveraged a foundation of a decade of financial consulting experience into a career leading companies in a variety of industries. Over the next 30+ years, he has impacted organizations with his practical approach to finance and business in ways not easily summarized on a balance sheet. Joining Kofile in 2020, he brings over 27 successful years as a CFO to guide Kofile’s continued growth with a focus on business system integration and back office excellence.

Jonathan Mohn – Kofile Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Mohn
President, Kofile Services

Jonathan has been in senior leadership roles in software, technology, and services companies for the past 15 years. He has successfully led finance and operations teams with a deep focus on driving growth and profitability in a capital efficient manner. He’s brought operating excellence to companies with revenues ranging from $1m to $125m+. Jonathan has extensive experiences in building strong company cultures that are centered around customer value propositions, go-to-market models, and product line accountability. Jonathan drives the company’s strategic planning, financing, accounting, and mergers / acquisition activities.  


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